Explorations of Self – The Water Drop Yoga Mat by Qiyo Multiversal Yoga

Copied from: http://explorationsofself.com/2015/03/12/the-water-drop-yoga-mat-by-qiyo-multiversal-yoga/

Photo credit: Lancelaurence.com

When you do a frequency sweep from low to high vibrations on a drop of water, the most beautiful depiction of the vibrational planetary shift Earth is going through on a microcosm. The lower frequencies show a drop of water with less complex patterns and the higher frequencies show a drop of water with more complex perfect sacred geometry. We are all vibrational frequencies and think about the 55-65% of water that we are made up with, and then think about what we feed our bodies on a daily basis to keep that vibration high. We are always creating vibrations with our thoughts and emotions. We have the ability to chose what we feed our mind and spirit as well as our physical body. Think about the frequencies that come from the music, TV, movies, interactions, and company we place ourselves in and near every day. We flow with the frequencies we co-create with our environments and with each other.

I remember co-creating a beautiful friendship with Swami Agung and Lora Nova from Qiyo Multiversal Yoga. It was a synergistic  union that fell into my life at just the right time. I was on my way to Central America to embark on the next phase of my spiritual development. My parting gift from Swami and Lora, an oval mat. I was so grateful to get this mat-sterpiece in the mail the week before I flew South. Symbolically, it was the beginning of our combined effort to spread the message of Unity all over the planet.

The water droplet mat has a beautiful spiraling deep blue swirl on top of a sky blue back ground. Positive frequencies make atoms spin counter clockwise and the swirl on this egg shaped mat embodies that flow. Every time I practice on it, I have a profound sense of inner centered-ness and calm.  Not only is it beautiful, but it is BIG! It is big enough to stretch and flow ecstatically solo or in acro-yoga. Sometimes I just sprawl out on it, legs and arms stretched out to the sides, because I can. I often find myself wishing there were for spaciousness with my rectangular mats; so receiving this gorgeous gift was an answer to my prayers. My heart resonates with this mat because of it’s lower carbon foot print, plant based material properties. It creates a good frequency to flow on and in addition to that, it is non slip, cushy, dense, non-allergenic, and closed cell surface top to save sweat from sinking into the mat to create bacteria.

I highly recommend that anyone use this mat. It is rolled out in my home studio every day.

“Considered to be one of Nature’s most perfect and ubiquitous designs, the egg has been called “divine geometry” in nearly every ancient civilization and through to modern times. This shape resonates with the current evolution of our planetary consciousness, and brings a sense of unity, warmth and the birth of new life. It represents the energy of life which liberates and stimulates movement.” multiversalyoga.org

Order yours today.

Photo cred: lancelaurence.com