Marine Bonnie


“As my dosha is pitta dominant, I was skeptical about this oval yoga mat being able to give me the grip I need to get through humid vinyasa classes. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that even through the hottest and sweatiest level 2/3 class, I’m sticking asanas and feeling confident that I’m not going to slip. In addition, I like to practice outside nearly everyday and the grip holds up even with sand and dirt on it! Not to mention it cleans up easily with my trusty water/vinegar/tea tree oil spray and rag. This mat has really stepped up the creativity in my practice because I have the room to place my limbs wide in new shapes without interrupting my flows to turn and use the long way, like on my old mat…now it’s all the long way!  My favorite aspect of this mat is that it is made from plant based materials rather than petroleum based products, thus reducing its impact on the environment.”

– Marine Bonnie, Yoga Teacher from California