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A Yoga Mat that's

Do you ever get annoyed that you have to turn to the side or maneuver yourself in such a way because you can’t fully fit on your yoga mat? It’s not the biggest deal in the world, except when I’m practicing outside.

I love going to outdoor yoga events or practicing yoga on the beach. I live right down the road from Rollins College. The campus has a little beach area called Dinky Dock where I like to practice yoga ( I wish I had a beach on my college campus).

I also love to go to Yoga In Lake Eola Park on Sundays. The problem is that I never go because it’s the worst is when I have to do the postures where I straddle, and my legs end up in the sand or the dirt.

I know, I know. What’s the big deal? Aren’t yogis supposed to be hippies who let go of all attachment. You’d think. I guess I’m pretty set in my ways these days (I love when rhymes happen unexpectedly!). The truth is, even though I work to practice with non-attachment, I find getting dirty while I practice a distraction, so I try to eliminate these situations from my practice .

On the beach

(Quick Disclosure: This is a compensated post, but I only write about products I truly believe in. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions 100% my own)

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So, to the rescue —–> The team at Multiversal Yoga sent me their yoga mat a few weeks ago, and when I unpacked it, I was in exploding with excitement because I knew I could practice any which way, and my whole body would fit on the mat!

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I have been having a very hard time practicing in my new home because it’s all carpet. Now that I have this mat, I’ve been going to Dinky Dock to practice in the mornings, and it’s been delightful.

Not only is it awesome that I can fit on the mat completely, but my hands melt into the mat, so it’s completely nonslip, and it’s firm enough to hold arm balances comfortably, but also cushy enough to ease the fall.

arm balance

Usually I have to break-in a new mat, but right away my hands stayed in place in downward facing dog.


I’m happy to say that the oval yoga mat is a lovely addition to my practice. If you want the experience of looking into a sea of blue on every vinyasa, while staying clean when practicing outdoors, this mat is worth the investment.

One small mention; you might notice a strong rubber smell when you first unpack the mat, but this goes away after a few days. Leave it outside to let it air out overnight, and that should do it!

Don’t forget, Use code: THEYOGIMOVEMENT for 10% off your oval mat at, and post a picture and tag on Instagram @theyogimovement and qiyo_multiversal_yoga so we can see & like it!

I hope you enjoyed my review & would love to hear what you think of this mat? Do you have a favorite mat? What’s one thing you wish you could find in a yoga mat? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Namaste, and Lots of OM!